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From 2019: a painting that took extremely long for me to figure out how I wanted to paint it.

#Art #MastoArt

#Pixelart #portait in #nature,
I like portraits, especially woman, and I like nature, that makes perfect mix ;)
#Commodore64 standard mode (wide pixels) I think 12-14 colors.

@eyeling absolutely superb, beautiful if slightly demonic work 😃

Portrait of David Tennant as #Crowley so beware of demon eyes in full view. (Took ca. 5 hours, about A4 in size, pencil)
Haven't touched graphite in over a year, so please be kind :artsweats:. #GoodOmens #FanArt

Old 32 colors pixelart picture,
320x180 px - Amiga palette, done in rush, so not perfect

I was trying to create impression of colorful composition within limitations of the computer:
- 32 colors from 4096 pool
- to compare: normal 8bit pixelart usually use up to 256 colors from 16,777,216 colors palette
#MastoArt #PixelArt #amiga #demoscene #lizzard

I have a digital workbook, "How to Draw Mandalas" ! It's got worksheets, pattern ideas, templates, and talks you through the basic construction then patterning and detailing, so you can get a foundation in making your own like the hand-drawn mandalas I do ^.^

Then if you liked that, I've got a digital Mandala Inspirations Pattern Book, full of pattern ideas for you to try when filling your mandala petals :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Mandala

Another pixelart landscape for Amiga 500
320x256px 32 colors, made in grafx2 (with mouse ;) )
inspired by Chinese Nature Park landscapes
#pixelart #amiga #landsape #MastoArt #demoscene #mountains #art

Sometimes my brain makes me do bad things

(Marked sensitive for cartoon eye contact)

@notawizard one of my friends is big into Alice Cooper so yeah, I've seen the video (:

@welshpixie Yes it is, it's gorgeous, can't wait to see what it inspires!!

Crackers, especially Chinese Crackers are a pain in the *ss. Persistent and keep trying.

Admin pain

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