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Kid Francescoli - "Moon"

I love this track, not sure how I discovered it but it's golden. My girlfriend says it was used in an advert but I haven't seen an advert in many a year, so can't be that.

reminder to mastodon newbies that lots of people here won't boost art if it's not got a CWs (when appropriate) or alt text

It's a good culture that's helped me learn to be more accessible elsewhere.

Some things to CW for: violence, gore, sexually explicit, nudity, eye-contact, flashing imagery, talking about other social media platforms

General Computer Corporation (GCC) may not be remembered by most people today. But it was one of the more eclectic tech companies of the 1980s, starting out in video games before pivoting to Mac accessories and ending up as a laser printer manufacturer.

GCC is just one of the subjects in my blog post for this week, which covers the final 1985 episode of "Computer Chronicles."


Another space invaders clone, this time written with the opensource engine - "Beat Invaders"

Really well done, has that addictive "one more turn" and pumping soundtrack

Music is the closest thing we have to a time machine.

we went nightwalking last night along the coast. light bleeds and blurs into the thick fog. total unreality

Me and my wonderful weird girlfriend, @Angel , both having an out of body experience on another world, must be love (:

#games #linuxgaming #astroneer

From 2019: a painting that took extremely long for me to figure out how I wanted to paint it.

#Art #MastoArt

#Pixelart #portait in #nature,
I like portraits, especially woman, and I like nature, that makes perfect mix ;)
#Commodore64 standard mode (wide pixels) I think 12-14 colors.

Portrait of David Tennant as #Crowley so beware of demon eyes in full view. (Took ca. 5 hours, about A4 in size, pencil)
Haven't touched graphite in over a year, so please be kind :artsweats:. #GoodOmens #FanArt

Old 32 colors pixelart picture,
320x180 px - Amiga palette, done in rush, so not perfect

I was trying to create impression of colorful composition within limitations of the computer:
- 32 colors from 4096 pool
- to compare: normal 8bit pixelart usually use up to 256 colors from 16,777,216 colors palette
#MastoArt #PixelArt #amiga #demoscene #lizzard

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