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New #C64 game - Jungle Joe by Vector5 games. If you enjoy the game, make sure you give the guys a little tip!

This is being posted on birdsite without credit to the original artist, and alas as far as I can tell the original video only exists on the artist's IG page, so sorry, it's an IG link - but do check it out. Digital art with a really really deep zoom.

Good Morning, Everyone!

Today it is my pleasure to present to you another notable #commodore #8bit machine - the #commodore16 !!

And once more it's a low-entry system: the third model of the "264" product line (along with the C116 and the Plus/4).

It features a 7501 or 8501 CPU (depends on model), a 6510 compatible chip, 16KB of DRAM (faster than the C64 DRAM), the TED video chip (320x200 pixels with 121 colors). The ROM contains BASIC 3.5 as well as a machine monitor. Sound capabilities are quite limited: 2 "Voices", one of them can only produce square waves, but 3-bit digital sound was possible.

But let's face it, one of the most remarkable features of the C16 is the dark gray case witht the lighter gray keys! I mean, this is what the C64 should've looked like!!

🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

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Next weekend we are going to release the all new Rabenstein point and click version for the #C64. You can play it with joystick or mouse.

The game will be released in both English and German and features wonderful ambient and moody SID tunes.

NEW GAME release Lykia! There's some limitations of this free version but checking it out for 5 min was enough to make me want to eventual boxed edition hands down!

#Commodore64 #retrogaming #C64

My girlfriend playing the game "The Beast Inside". She's a recent convert to the world of and first time recording on

Pretty cute voice I think you'll agree

- "She's a big boy"

- style animation with some very themes. Does have some but it's still tame, references too.

I don't get why people even find Copilot interesting. In addition to the license laundering it does, presumably it's mostly trained on the bottom 90% of code and any responsible use for anything beyond short snippets would require a code review in the middle of your code writing. Context switches galore. And if I want snippets, I can just, you know, have snippets. They exist and are pretty cool. No licensing problems with them either.

Finnaly it is out, as promissed: Having fun with Mandelbrot Set on Commodore 64 plus Big Thanks to my subscribers and everyone who love and support retro programming.

#retrocomputing #programming #fractals #c #basic #mandelbrot

This is "Stumpi", the coolest cat in the neighbourhood. She has no tail and lives alone on the street. She shows no shyness, but also no interest in people. I am convinced that this cat thinks that she owns the neighbourhood. #caturday

The Killers - "The Man"

Great video of man, highs and lows. It would make a great theme song I think.

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